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Cosplay Secrets

Let it out~

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Want to get something off your chest regarding the cosplay/convention community? Let it out.
Cosplay Secrets

Like most Secrets communities, this is based upon the original Post Secrets. While most communities have their own secrets communities, the cosplay/convention scene has yet to obtain their own live community. We hope to change that.
The concept is simple - post a picture, whether it be generated from Paint, Photoshop, etc. - containing your cosplay/convention related secret. Once a week, we'll be opening a submissions posts. All posts shall be anonymous, and all pictures shall be linked from TinyPic. All submission posts and Secrets post dates will be announced accordingly.
* Maximum of 700x700 in size. Please make your text legible.
* Secret must be in relation to cosplay and/or conventions.
* Secret must be of your own.
* Any questions may be sent to cosplaysecrets@yahoo.com

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ljcos_secrets is in no way affiliated with Post Secrets, its publishers or creators. A polite nod goes to the original CosplaySecrets here on LJ, as well as to Anonymous. We do not take credit for the images within the community. Some content may offend users; if you're unable to handle such content, don't read, don't post.